Thursday, 3 February 2011

The cracks widen

The cracks in Egypt's state are widening. Shahira Amin (left), a senior anchor and correspondent on Nile TV - who I've seen on the air on the international English-language service over the past few days - has resigned.

She's just been on Al Jazeera English (at 1215GMT) telling of the intimidation she claims to have been threatened with by people at state TV. Now she says she's in Tahrir Square with the anti-government demonstrators.

Essentially, said Shahira, she's fed up with the propaganda being fed to the Egyptian people by state TV. Al Jazeera is difficult to watch because of restrictions and interference but people are looking at Al Arabiya that is providing coverage of events and so the truth is getting out. Meanwhile, Nile TV is on the air in English at the moment, with a picture of empty streets and a very long shot of Tahrir Square...

What will happen next...

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